Testimonials: Why our donors love Impact100 Fremantle

We have been associated with Impact 100 Fremantle since its inception, and are proud to work closely with the Impact100 business network. We have witnessed first-hand the positive changes manifesting within the Fremantle community as a result of the excellent initiatives and programs. 2019 will be the seventh year for us. We are in for the long haul. Rosslyn & Ian de Souza
Over the many years we have given to the numerous charities and organisations who approached us without knowing if, or how, our contribution made any difference; it’s a bit life scattering money to the wind and hoping it landed in a good place. Joining the giving community of Impact100 allows us to financially contribute in a meaningful way where we can see the incredible results and outcomes of our donation first hand. We love being involved with this open process which is managed with integrity and professionally by a group of terrific people. Melanie Clarke, Remedy Homewares Store
We have found that Impact100 is a good way to make a contribution to the local Fremantle community. We live pretty busy lives and sometimes in the whirlwind it is easy to lose sight of some of the things that matter – such as community, connection and Inclusion. Impact100 provides a simple straightforward way of making a difference even at the community level. It provides a snapshot into the many positive activities occurring in the community as well as bringing together those people who collectively want to make a difference. We cannot recommend Impact100 highly enough. Sean & Beck Hefferon
I love being part of Impact100 Freo because it is Fremantle people actively coming together making Fremantle a better place and community. It has funded some extraordinary social and community programs proving that with Impact100 the combined outcome is even more than a sum of the parts. Brad Pettitt, City of Fremantle Mayor
The Fremantle Foundation is exceptional at bringing our community together at a grass roots level. I am proud to be a donor of an organisation that is connecting local people and creating massive impact. Taylor Vagg, Fremantle Chiropractic
Old Bridge Cellars is proud to be part of Impact100 Fremantle – a growing philanthropic group of like minded businesses, families and individuals. We see first hand how our annual $1,000 contribution makes a difference to the local projects and charities with a combined game changing grant of $100,000 awarded each year. This grant enables a kick start to make positive impact and changes in our community. Jump on board, your heart won’t regret it! Cass Beeson, Old Bridge Cellars

If you would like to learn more about Impact100 Fremantle and how to become a Donor please Click Here.