Donor Story: Brothers in Philanthropy

Fremantle Dockers Bradley and Stephen Hill share a lot as brothers. They are team mates on the field, business partners off the field and now they are stepping in to the world of philanthropy together. We are excited to announce Bradley and Stephen have set up the a KX Fremantle Fund with the Fremantle Foundation to coincide with the launch of their new business venture KX Pilates Fremantle. 
We look forward to helping Bradley and Stephen and the KX Fremantle Fund with their focus to support women and girls in the community. 
The launch of KX Pilates Fremantle on Saturday 15th of September will be a fundraising event for the KX Fremantle Fund. To learn more about the KX Fremantle Fund or KX Pilates Fremantle’s Opening Offer visit their website.

KX IMG_4981