Why give through us?

Choosing where to give is a very personal decision. You want your decisions to reflect your values and for your gift to make the biggest difference possible. We are committed to helping you making decisions that match your interests as an individual, family or group with the important and pressing needs of the community.

What is the right giving option for you?

Fremantle Foundation can help you invest your money in a cause close to your heart. We offer one of the most effective and straightforward ways of establishing a perpetual source of giving. You can give via the Fremantle Foundation in the following ways:

• Start a Fund

Create a charitable fund and support eligible Australian charities of your choice and create a lasting legacy.
Click here to start your giving journey.  

• Join Impact100 Fremantle

Your gift to our giving group supports high impact projects in Fremantle.
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• Leave a Bequest

Leave a lasting legacy to your community through your Will.

Impact100 Fremantle

In 2017 we're marking 50 years since the 1967 Referendum with major grant of $100,000 to support Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing in the Fremantle area. But we need your help. Give $1,000 and make a $100,000 difference. Find out more.

Fremantle Ball 2017

In Support Of The Fremantle Foundation
Put Friday 11 August 2017 in your diary and tell your friends, because the annual Fremantle Ball returns for another fabulous evening celebrating community spirit and compassion in Fremantle!